Racism & Milk - a foolproof guide to checking if your faves are problematic

Something that is discussed in the international K-pop community, mainly because a lot of people just don't care that much about discussing the music, are the boundaries of racism. You know, every time someone does blackface, or says some dumb shit on TV, or accidentally blurts out the N-word in a song cover...every single time people are fighting over whether it is or isn't actually racist. So because I'm always interested in finding out the truth about stuff, today what I'll attempt to uncover is...what is the relationship between K-pop and racism? What is, and what isn't racist? Are your faves secretly evil alt-right Nazis? Stay here to find out!

Racism & Milk Milk has been racist for about two years now, but the thing is, no one in K-pop shies away from milk. Instances like Stellar chicks pouring milk down their tits can be appreciated for other reasons and purposes, but we must remember that Stellar aren't excused from this milk racism shit - they were…

Monthly K-pop Track Roundup - October 2018 -

A lot of things changed from September to October, including a bunch of international releases and collaborations that K-pop artists did and also a slight improvement when it comes to more actually relevant artists starting to have their comebacks. For the sake of that, it must have just so happened that almost all the songs from less famous artists and groups this month were a bit lacking, while the boring section remains at a consistently low quality. This month I also added a new section for all the big disappointments from artists I thought were going to do better. Let's get started!
International releases Wendy & John Legend - Written in the Stars I didn't really doubt the fact that this was always destined to be a ballad, I mean it's a collaboration between one of the better vocalists at SM and the guy who made one of the most boring hit songs in the last 10 years of pop music. It's just shit from the beginning till the end, like every ballad from every SM En…

Monthly K-pop Track Roundup - September 2018 -

September was a boring month, honestly. Summer was generally okay as a whole season for K-pop music but that just led to a lot of crappy summer leftovers being released at the beginning of this month, and the rest of the songs being an underwhelming prelude to October's increased activity and the shitshow that will happen in November with all the big groups like Twice, Red Velvet, Wanna One, and so on coming back. The "boring" section is twice as long this time, and I think that tells you enough. Anyways, for this roundup there are no shitty seasonal comebacks so the "summer-specific" section has been replaced by...well, just look down.
Releases not meant for the Korean market (but still affiliated with K-pop to some degree) Alright so, these songs weren't really supposed to be here but I've got spare time so I'll review them as well. Mind you, this part of the post is pretty small so clearly not a lot of artists ventured outside of their K-pop bubb…

Late (Sort of) Monthly K-pop Track Roundup - July/August 2018 -

Dear friends, I am in deep shit. Not only do I have like 15 posts I haven't done yet but on the other hand I'm lagging behind on my monthly reviews, and I'm also lagging the determination levels to listen through all these crappy-ass albums so I've decided to switch to an easier format - song reviews. My idea to listen to all K-pop albums was fucking retarded in the first place, so I think I'll just continue doing this instead. Well, then, welcome. Take a seat. Take your pills too and a bottle of water because these are two months worth of songs and reviews to sit through. However, as a way to keep things fresh and exciting, I've divided all the songs into four sections: "general", "summer specific", "nugu" and "boring fucking shit". Let us get started! Careful if I talk shit about your faves.
Summer-specific songs Summer songs have been a thing in K-pop for a while now. I could go ahead and make specific sub-sections su…