Monthly K-pop Album Roundup - June 2018 -

Welcome to another one of these retarded-ass posts where I force myself to sit through hours and hours of 70% stupid shit boring music with no one paying me for it or at least giving me some support here on the blog (barely anyone reads it after all). There's always an upside though, 30% of these shitty K-pop songs will end up being on my phone all year round and I'll be listening to them all the time because there's always good stuff hidden beneath the surface. June in 2018 is luckily one of these not-very-busy months because everyone is getting ready to attack in July and August with summer comebacks and so far it's been wild so I know I won't be bored reviewing all the songs from next month. However, let's focus on what is happening, or more so, what happened in June. Where there any good songs? Let's find out together!

Wanna One - Undivided Release date : June 4th
Genre : Dance, Ballad
Type : Mini album
Personal rating : 2/5
Key tracks : "Sandglass&qu…

Opinions on Ariana Grande's "Sweetener"

Holy fucking shit, I haven't posted in a month and I hate myself for it. I swear the June and July roundups are coming soon, it's just that I went on two trips and I couldn't really find the time to finish everything. Right now I have about 76 Produce 48 episodes to catch up on, I still haven't read that one visual novel I was attempting to read and on top of that, I'm about to start high school and...oh boy. I'm gonna try to fit in everything within this whole week because otherwise I'll have even more work to juggle (and I'll fail at everything). I'll try not to let down all 0 of my readers!
But here's a really special post, my short review of Ariana Grande's latest album, "Sweetener" that came out while I was still in Greece, being bored as heck and unfortunately my internet wasn't as good as I had hoped, so I had to wait to get home to check it out. Personally, I was happy about the fact that this was her big comeback after…

Unpopular K-pop Opinions: The Sequel - Reacting to other people's unpopular opinions

About half a month ago I published a post where I basically jumped on the bandwagon of "unpopular opinions" posts, which usually is done in video form on YouTube by a whole bunch of stupid fucks like me who have nothing to do and have too much free time. In good spirit I have decided to talk about the unpopular opinions that other people have put out. I won't cite sources because I'm lazy and that's a pain in the butt, but however I will tell you whether I really agree with them or not. Keep in mind that this is my opinion and you don't have to agree/accept the true facts.

Strongly agree. Jisoo might be my Blackpink bias but that won't stop me from saying that her voice sure sounds like shit in the second pre-chorus of their new title track. Just give her some sinus medicine or a tissue to blow her nose or something, YG, cause sounding this nasal isn't pleasant in any way. Though that probably isn't the problem, the people who are editing the vocal…

Monthly K-Pop Album Roundup - May 2018 -

Hello and welcome to another one of my "what's up with K-pop this month?" posts, the Monthly Album Roundup for May 2018. I'm honestly a bit late when it comes to putting out these posts but I'm sure I'll get back on time now that I'm on a break from the traumatic place that is school. In case you're new here, be aware that this is that series on my blog where I listen to a whole bunch of albums and mini-albums hoping that I'll find some good songs. When the end of the year comes around, I'll most surely do a list of all the best songs that I found, and perhaps I will try to find the most terrible ones as well. If you disagree with the shit I said about your faves, please try not to get triggered because this is just my silly little opinion and it shouldn't really have much meaning overall. Let us fucking begin! Peppertones - Long Way Release date : May 9th
Genre : Rock
Type : Album
Personal rating : 1.5/5
Key tracks : "Runaway" This…