Monthly K-Pop Album Roundup - January 2018 -

This is a monthly series that I'm doing on this blog, and I started from January instead of February or March (at the time of writing this post) mostly because I want to cover the year as a whole to really dig deep and find the best of the best songs from 2018. Of course, this is limited to Korean songs, whether they're pop, hip-hop, R&B or even folk. I'll also attempt to find the worst songs from this year to make a worst list at the end of it. I will also release the February edition of this post soon, once I'm done with swimming through all the shit and non-shit that this month had to offer. All of the albums will be assigned ratings from one to five based on how much I enjoyed them. I'm not very familiar with some groups whose music I'll be listening to, so some of my opinions about them are based purely on the album that I'm focusing on. And by the way, this post includes not only the full-length records that came out during the month but also the…

Top 10 Best K-pop Songs of 2016 (I know I'm late)

Welcome, all 0 of my readers ladies and gentleman, to the 1 and a half years late list of my top 10 favorite K-pop songs of 2016! Honestly, 2016 was underwhelming as hell and it's hard to pick out 10 songs that I liked back then. I didn't listen to many groups at that point in time, so I didn't actually know or like a lot of these songs back in 2016, and I really discovered them in 2017/18. I went and did my research in the past week and I delved deep into all the K-pop from that year in order to actually find the ten best songs. Here are my picks, and if you don't agree, that's okay. (You're allowed to be wrong.)
10. Sistar - I Like That When you have Hyolyn in a group, it's kinda hard to learn the others' names because to me she's the only one that seems remotely interesting. On the other hand, she's also the best vocalist in the group and all in all it's just sad how Sistar have few songs worth listening to. This is actually the song I hav…

My K-pop Bias List - Girl Edition

I decided to write a completely subjective bias list (that's why it's called a freaking bias list). This one includes only Korean girls and while I'm not limited to only girls, I mostly listen to girl groups and watch girl group related content. I've loved some of these girls for a long time, and I've loved some of these girls for a short time but they mean a lot to me. You know, most of this list is based on visual appeal but if they're funny it gives them extra value. I'm giving all of them totally objective scores for visual appeal and personality (which is mostly based on how funny they are and how good they seem at least on camera). There's no need to give them scores for how biased I am towards them because the numbers say everything. Before the list, here are some honorable mentions.
Honorable Mention #1 - Bom of 2NE1Visual appeal : 7/10
Musical appeal : 10/10
Personality : I'm not sure/10
It's really sad how people say that Bom can't s…