Correcting my mistakes - here are my top fave 30 K-pop songs of 2017

We humans make mistakes sometimes, it's inevitable and it happens sometimes. I'm human and I made a mistake, in fact my whole "Top 10 Best K-pop Songs of 2017" is one big mistake. But, what were the things that I got wrong? I forgot a lot of songs and got bored of my number one pick really quickly. Here's a redo.

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion so I hope that none of my beloved zero readers will get their panties in a goddamn twist.
30. Hash Tag - Hue It's easy to see why I wouldn't have paid this song any attention if I had listened to it for a few seconds before turning it off - it's crap. Crap until the chorus kicks in, of course. If only someone actually tried to make the verses sound okay this could have been a song that beats Twice, DIA and I.O.I to a bloody pulp but even without that it succeeds in one way or another. 29. Monsta X - Dramarama After a pretty shitty beginning, the whole song just becomes great all of a sudden when the p…

Unpopular K-pop Opinions (text version even tho everyone's making videos)

If you weren't aware, us people aren't all the same. There are a lot of differences between everyone, such as skin color, nationality, gender, sexuality, whether they're born with the gender they identify as, their dominant hand, height, weight, what idols they fap to, whether they're a vocal faggot or not... The best part of that is that we can always exchange our opinions and try to understand our differences, or more often argue about shit that doesn't matter and ostracize people for being different.
Making unpopular opinion videos is nice because you can see just how much people are different, the way they think and how willing they are to argue with you over the internet. As I've noticed a rising trend of "Unpopular K-pop Opinions" videos on YouTube, I've decided to make my own version of the same thing with bonus text explaining why I think that way as well as images of Asians holding signs. I've arranged some of the "unpopular"…

Monthly K-Pop Album Roundup - April 2018 -

Welcome to another K-Pop album roundup, this time for the month of April that has long since passed. In case you don't know, this is a series where I compile all the albums, mini-albums, singles, mixtapes and whatevers from the previous month and I speak out my thoughts on them. Though they're not sorted in any way, I made sure that the last album I'm reviewing is the one I'm looking forward to the most (in January it was Chungha, in February it was CLC and in March it was Olivia Hye) and the pictures that I'm including are pretty random, but the one at the top is always a girl group or a female artist, meanwhile the one on the bottom is either a boy group or a male artist. That's enough introduction so far, let's begin! UNB - Boyhood Release date : April 7th
Genre : Dance
Type : Mini album
Personal rating : 2.5/5
Key tracks : "Feeling", "Only One" Another one of those reality show groups, but this time their single is cool as heck. The fir…